Jacqueline Ely

Meet Jacqueline
Jacqueline Ely is the owner and head trainer for Ely Equine LLC in Taylorstown, PA where she resides on her 60-acre farm with her husband, Mike and son, Taylor. Every day of her life thus far has been filled with horses. Growing up her parents raised American Paint Horses and National Show Horses. From these experiences her passion of starting young horses under saddle and developing them along began. Jacqueline has been competing with horses she trained herself since she was very young and really enjoys the process of training a youngster into a well-seasoned horse that anyone can enjoy.

She has experience with all breeds and many different disciplines but most enjoys Dressage and Working Equitation. Jacqueline feels Dressage can be applied to all disciplines as it is really “just” training. She has worked with students enjoying the sports of barrel racing, hunter/jumpers, competitive trail, and working cow to apply Dressage techniques to their training. In doing so they are helping their horses to achieve the highest level of success in their discipline. She feels all horses can benefit from some form of Dressage training as it helps them to use their bodies more effectively and creates a healthy, happy athlete.

Jacqueline has a real talent for helping a horse and rider reach their full potential. She enjoys working with clients to reach their equestrian goals. She has helped riders to overcome fears and accomplish goals they never thought possible with their horses. Jacqueline starts from the ground up and often works with her clients and horses through ground work, in-hand work as well as time in the saddle. She teaches all movements from the ground before introducing them to the horse under saddle. She feels this helps to alleviate frustration and improves the communication between horse and rider. She happily meets the horse and rider where they are and will work together to reach their goals. Jacqueline enjoys training and competing her own horses as well as client horses but nothing beats the joy of watching a client truly enjoying their horse in ways they always wanted. To be a part of that is the greatest gift to Jacqueline.
Jacqueline has successfully trained and competed through Third Level Dressage. Hoping to achieve her Bronze Medal in 2021. Jacqueline won the Adequan All-Breed award in 2017 and was the highest scoring Friesian Heritage Horse in the country at Training Level. In 2018 received the Reserve Champion award at First Level with the same horse. Also 2018 she won a World Championship at First Level while competing at the International Friesian Horse Show Association World Show. In 2020 Jacqueline was in the top 10 highest scoring Dutch Warmbloods (KWPN) in the country on a horse owned by a client and trained/shown by Jacqueline at First Level for the Adequan All-Breed awards. Jacqueline continues to train and compete with her own string of horses as well as campaign client horses.
Jacqueline is a firm believer in continuing her education and learning as much as she can. She feels you can never know too much and is always eager to learn something new. Jacqueline has continued her education by training at the Valenca Riding School in Portugal in 2019 and continues to participate in an online training program with the academy presently. Jacqueline regularly participates in lessons and clinics to continue to refine her skills and expand her knowledge base.
“I have benefited from your wealth of knowledge and phenomenal ability to read both the horse and rider. I love your practical approach, to clearly and kindly, teach me to reach my horse, both on the ground and in the saddle. Thank you, Jackie!”
Karen Hughes
“Jacqueline has been a breath of fresh air. I have had my horses in training before with other trainers. I have never gotten the kind of results I have seen with Jacqueline working with my horse. She is amazingly talented and super kind in her training methods. She builds confidence not only in your horse but with you riding your horse. I am so grateful to have her as my trainer and my friend.”
Jennifer Craig
“I cannot recommend Jackie enough both as a trainer and as one of the most determined horse people I know. I had the pleasure of meeting her when I moved my mare from one boarding facility to another. I knew the minute we met that she was the right trainer for my mare. Jackie is the true meaning of determination and exceptional work ethic. She is dedicated to continuing to improve herself as a rider and trainer and it shows in the horses she is training. Her training has taken my mare well beyond any expectation that I could have ever had and she has been so instrumental in our success. I could not be taking this journey without her help. She is truly and amazing trainer and friend.”
Loretta Pettinato
“I developed a relationship with Jacqueline Ely when she backed my mare Ingelise four years ago. Since Jackie has been successfully showing Ingelise and training other horses in my barn. She is one of the most disciplined and dedicated equestrians that I know. Jackie understands the goal of training a horse without force and realizes it is a process. She is open-minded, learning new ways and means as well as maintaining a neutral attitude. Fun to be around, Jackie is an asset to anyone and any horse!”
Kristin Hermann

Emily Hadden-Morris

Emily Hadden-Morris began riding at age five and rode Hunter/Jumpers competing in Medal Maclay and USET classes. She was a working student for the renowned jumper, Michael Elmore, in Middleburg, Virginia. Once she discovered the discipline of Dressage, she had discovered her true passion.

Emily has trained all of her own horses with guidance from a number of distinguished trainers including; Eike von Weltheim, Ryan Yap, Kenneth Borden, Lauren Spreiser, Krista Tycho Noone, Britta Johnston, Phobe Devoe-Moore and the esteemed Natalie Lamping. In 2016 she was the recipient of the Carol Lavelle Gifted Grant allowing her to work intensively with Phobe Devoe-Moore.

Emily has successfully competed at 4th level and in the National and FEI Young Horse divisions. She has competed at Dressage at Devon since 2015. Her Hanoverian, Don Ahlerich was the Champion 3-year-old US Bred Colt/Gelding in 2018.

Emily is currently the Owner/Trainer of Russell’s Landing Dressage based out of Janet Hadden’s Russell’s Landing Farm in Avella, Pennsylvania.

Emily holds a B.S. in Nursing and when not working with her beloved equines she works as an Emergency Room nurse. She was previously a Trauma Nurse at a Level 1 trauma center and has served as a Flight Nurse.

James Smith

James Smith is an equestrian instructor and trainer who focuses on Hunters, Jumpers and balanced seat riding. Jim received a BA in Horsemanship from Virginia Intermont College. In the 1990's Jim managed the IMS show stables in Sperryville Virginia. Jim worked under the renowned trainer and rider, Ian Silitch. The facility had much success with training and showing from the lower levels to Grand Prix. This opportunity allowed Jim to learn from some of the best in the business. Jim was also fortunate enough to ride with Tom Hardy who was a member of the United States Equestrian Team. Under Mr Hardy's mentorship Jim was coached to focus on the classical basics that are necessary to build the foundation necessary for success. Jim looks forward to providing quality instruction at the beautiful Keepsake Equestrian Center. 
Rebecca Dryer

Rebecca Dryer

Allow me to introduce Rebecca Dryer, a highly accomplished riding instructor with a specialization in dressage and eventing. With an incredible 57-year passion for horses and riding, Becky has honed her skills and amassed a wealth of experience in the equestrian realm.

Becky's educational background in regular and special education, coupled with her natural patience and tact, make her an exceptional educator both inside and outside the riding arena. Her ability to communicate effectively ensures that she can guide her students through challenging moments and facilitate their growth with ease. She is a versatile and compassionate instructor who excels in teaching riders of all levels, from beginners to advanced riders, on tiny ponies or large horses, and everywhere in between. Her teaching approach is tailored to each individual, ensuring a positive and enriching experience for every student. Becky is particularly adept at helping nervous riders and those seeking the pure pleasure of riding. She creates a supportive and encouraging environment, instilling confidence and helping riders overcome their fears. Additionally, Becky plays a vital role in preparing Pony Club members for their National Certifications, sharing her extensive knowledge and expertise to help them excel in their horsemanship skills. Her dedication to teaching is evident in her commitment to nurturing riders at every stage of their equestrian journey, ensuring that each lesson is both enjoyable and educational.

Throughout her career, Becky has had the privilege of training under renowned coaches such as Colonel Paul Weimer, Juergen Schmidt, Helmut Graetz, Linda Zang, Jessica Ransenhousen, Lockie Richards, Caroline Ashton, Ernst Herrman, and Eicke von Veltchheim. Continually seeking improvement, she currently collaborates with esteemed trainers such as Ryan Yap, Jessica Faye, and Michael Bragdell, aiming to reach the coveted FEI level with her talented New Forest gelding, Lomansheide Brent.

Becky's equestrian expertise spans multiple disciplines. She has excelled in show jumping up to the 1.2m level, demonstrated her skill in eventing at both the national and international Intermediate levels, and achieved a high level of dressage schooling, including up to the Grand Prix level on a schoolmaster that was finished with his show career. Her diverse experiences also include galloping racehorses, driving singles and pairs, fox hunting as a whip for the Dutch Fork Hunt, successfully retraining off-the-track thoroughbreds for eventing and fox hunting, and participating in breed shows for Tennessee Walkers, Connemaras, Friesians, and Quarter Horses.

Becky's commitment to equestrian excellence extends beyond riding itself. She has served as an equine veterinary assistant, and showcased her expertise in preparing and presenting horses of various breeds for inspections. As a Graduate A member of the United States Pony Clubs, she upholds the highest standards of horsemanship.

Rebecca Dryer's unwavering dedication, extensive experience, and exceptional teaching abilities have made her an influential figure in the equestrian community. She continues to inspire her students and fellow riders, nurturing their talents while striving for personal growth in her own equestrian journey.
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